Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Laundry Room!!

Ok so I know I am way out of order since the laundry room was finished in February and I just worked on my garden last weekend... but here it is anyway!Here is a look at the room totally stripped and we are adding the beadboard walls.
Here are our helpers. Morial and Abby, very good spectators.
Here's Lance skim coating the existing concrete floor so we can make it look pretty and new!
Here is the final product!! Yeah, a laundry room and full size appliances (Thanks Papa)!! So here is a list of the details you may not see. Lance Hammer Coated the washer and dryer because they were stark white and it didn't go with our decor. I added a section of wine corks for visual interest between the upper cabinets. The new concrete floor has been acid stained (thanks DJ for all the advice!!). Man am I glad we did this small concrete project before the mammoth kitchen and hall project!! Best to start with 50 sq ft versus 400 sq ft!! Yes the walls are purple and I love it!! It has a utility look with a feminine flare. hee hee! There is also a pocket ironing board in the wall on the left, man that thing is awesome! It even holds my iron and it is all nice and tucked out of the way!

The Continuing Landscape of the Backyard

Here's a look at our pond now that it is a bit more landscaped! Thanks Valley View Nursery!! So here on the left of the pond you will see Scotch Moss (the bright green little mounds), and 2 varieties of Canna - one is redish and one is green, they are still small so I will have to post againg when they are larger and in bloom! You can also see the clumping Bambo peeking out from behind the waterfall - that will get 6-10 feet tall. I can hardly wait!!
On the right side you will see Heather (the purple flowering shrub), a Crocosmia (the tall grass on the right that will flower), an Evergreen Bonsai from Lance's brother Cory (Thanks Cory!) on the right by the grass and a rare Birch to the left overhanging the waterfall.
These are my new planters with Happy Chappy Roses in them, they are just beginning to bloom and they are sooo pretty! Man I love Spring! Ignore the deck that is pulled apart... Lance was rigging all the drip and sprinklers to all my new plants!! YEAH no watering by hand!!

My very own Vegetable Garden!

Here is the herb side, starting with Rosemary, Basil, Cilantro and Red Onions. You can also see my Strawberry planter on the deck.Then we have green and yellow Bell Peppers, a Cantalope, 3 Cherry Tomato and 2 Pear Tomato plants.
And last but not least we have a Lemon Cucumber and a regular Cucumber along with 6 varieties of Lettuce.
So this is my very first vegetable garden, wish me luck!!!