Saturday, December 1, 2007

Re-Roofing... oh the joy...

We spent Thanksgiving weekend re-roofing our house. And by "we" I mean Lance and I plus our friend Ryan, my dad Paul, my brother Justin, Lance's dad Bill and sister Cameo. And thank God we had all the help we did because it was a LONG weekend! As you can see we had some holes... stick your foot in them sized holes... hence the re-roofing before the winter.
Who needs roof top delivery when you have a Case and two dare devils to stand there while Lance drives toward the house... Safety first! LOL!
We had to cover the majority of the roof with OSB to rid ourselves of holes and further issues. Here's Paul, Justin and Ryan laying down the felt or tar paper.
Here's Bill and Ryan laying down the rolled roofing. We did this on the flatter section of the roof to help with leaks and the possibility of sitting water.
Cameo moving the Case while Lance yells instructions from the roof since she had never driven it before. "It's like driving a tank" Lance says, like that means something. LOL!
We still don't have the ridge cap on but man does it look better. You might notice there is now an eve or overhang on the front peak. Nice added touch Lance thought of since we didn't have any overhang. It will be nice when the rain comes to stand at the front door and not get soaked while you unlock the door.
Oh and thanks mom for making us dinner 3 nights in a row since we worked so late. She "doesn't do roofs" but she knows how to cook!

Fireplace Surround

One more piece of the front room puzzle is now completed! Here's the project!
So you can see in the picture above there is a ledge at the top of the surround and if you look in the picture below you will notice it is no longer there. Apparently gravity doesn't allow concrete to stick on the underside of things. It was almost a disaster but we made it work!
Scroll down to see the finished project.
I think it turned out quite nicely!!
One more project down, um... I have no idea how many more to go!! LOL!

Entry Closet

To put your jacket on at the front door as you leave or hang it up as you walk in your home may seem like a simple thing but for the last 3 years this has not been an option, until now!!

Here's Lance framing the closet and cabinet for the soon to be saltwater fish tank to sit on.
Here it is finished!! And it looks like it has always been there! Gotta love that!

And a view from the front and the closet doors. I'll have to post an update of the fish tank when it is up and running!