Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Remodel Update: Spare Room & Baby Room

Well, no updated photos of Gianna's room yet because we have to finish the other room before we can clear out her room and start remodeling it, however we have lots of plans and ideas to make it great!
Here is the standing of the Spare/Computer Room for today!
This shot shows the closet inset area on the right and then the corner further back is where the corner of the "L" shaped computer desk will sit.
Here's Lance peeking in from the kitchen where we will have a custom fish tank that will be viewable from the kitchen and the spare/computer room. I think we are doing Clown fish and anemones!
This shows the inset closet on the left, the door to the rest of the house/hallway and just to the right of the door will be my little Jewelry workshop area! YEAH!
I'll try to keep you posted with more progress again soon!