Thursday, September 20, 2007

4 Years Today!

How quickly the years fly by and how much FUN we have had! It's amazing to think about. Lance and I went from Kindergarten through 7th grade in a lot of the same classes. At that time of my life boys had cooties so I didn't have much nice to say about him, especially when he cornered me on the school buss and kissed me! My mom heard all about it when I got home. We actually became reacquainted through my younger brother. Lance didn't realize "Amber Stranberg" was Justin's older sister, didn't even know his last name until my brother told Lance "you should date my sister". My brother didn't approve of any of my ex-boyfriends not that I can say I blame him. LOL! Lance being the curious person he is asked my brother who his sister was and Justin casually says "Amber". From that point on they began scheming how to get us together. I got home from college and told my brother I would go wheeling with him, my brother and I are close which is good because if we weren't I never would have gone "wheeling" which is totally fun by the way. Yes I mean off-roading in big 4-wheel drive trucks. Anyone who knew me in High School would understand why this never would have happened! LOL! We went wheeling but I didn't end up riding with my brother, they told me it was because Lance's truck was more capable and safer... yes, I fell for it and it didn't hurt that Lance's 8 month old yellow Lab puppy was sitting in the back seat... Six months later we were married and have enjoyed the days ever since. It's crazy to know that the first person who kissed me will also be the last!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Rubicon Trail

Here's the group! Lance, myself, Tawny, Gabe and Abby in the front. Abby wasn't paying attention and Morial is hiding under Lances s-10 Blazer. Here's Lance maneuvering the "Devil's Post Pile"!! This was basically a ravine of BIG rocks!
Here's Gabe in his Toyota 4-Runner maneuvering a one-way trail with a large cliff on the passenger side...
Both guys climbing a rock face along the trail.
We had a complete blast, it was hot and dusty but we bathed like bums in Buck Island Lake each night, nearly caught hypothermia while in the water - due to the elevation the water was NOT warm! It felt nice though to be clean before eating dinner and heading to bed. We camped along the trail during our trip which kept it interesting as we did not sleep in the same place once! I think this will be an annual trip for the 4 of us and anyone else who comes along!