Saturday, March 22, 2008

It's Spring!

I planted the first half of my garden today!
I look forward to having organic veggies
thanks to Valley View Nursery!!
I have a mix of gourmet lettuce and spinach here.
And here is broccoli, carrots (seeds) and sugar snap peas in the back on the tomato cage. I've never done any of this stuff before but I had good luck last year which was my first try!
Here is a little more lettuce, another view of the sugar snap peas and right in front of the tree I have garlic!
I also have red onion planted behind the tree and a little to the right but you can't see them yet. In a few more weeks when it is time to plant the rest I will also have cherry tomatoes (sungolds), green pepper, cucumber and watermelon. Lance is going to build a shelving system so we can go vertical for the watermelon!