Sunday, October 17, 2010

McGrew Wheeling October 16th, 2010

Kaylie and Greyson, new friends!
 Boys hanging out while the kids play at the trail head.
Gabe's 4-Runner 
 Lance, Kaylie, Justin and Tawny spectating.
 Gabe's 4-Runner
 Justin, Kaylie and Bella
Gabe with Greyson on his shoulders, guiding Lance through the obstacle and Kaylie hanging on too!
Lance's S-10 Blazer
Through the obstacle without lockers... just too easy!
Lance guiding Justin through the obstacle - second round for the blazer - Kaylie wants to be right in the action to watch daddy!

 Justin taking the Blazer through the obstacle!
One tired, dirty kiddo!
And one tired little pup!
Well, that was a fun and beautiful day on the McGrew trail, time to get back to work!