Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Ultimate Adventure!

For those who are not immersed in the 4-wheeling world, The Ultimate Adventure is an invitation only event put on by Peterson's 4-Wheel magazine - there is a full length production DVD that will come out in December so watch for it!!
We drove all the way to the east coast! Once we got there, it was 8 days of INTENSE wheeling!

Legend - Tim Hardy

17 weeks pregnant

Then on the way home (2700 miles) the Chevy Pick-up decided the motor had done enough... So Lance's dad (my FIL) Bill came to save us and tow the trailer with the Blazer home after I had driven the wheeling rig/blazer about 2000 miles home - on the highway...


So its been a while since I updated my blog... Since KOH in February I have lost Morial my beloved little dog who was with me through a lot. It was incredibly hard and I was a zombie for a few weeks - no joking...
I was lost without Morial. I always thought I would get a bigger dog when Morial was gone but the thing I missed most was being able to pick her up and cuddle. So I found Bella.

She is a Pom/Chi/Terrier mix born 1/1/2010 and has cuddled her way into my heart.
The biggest difference between her and Morial is that she LOVES everyone and all dogs!
As if that wasn't enough news...

I also found out mid-April I was pregnant! Since then we have been to The Ultimate Adventure and just recently found out we are having a GIRL!!