Monday, June 16, 2008

I can see the Light!

Well, we got a bit more done this weekend. We moved the vanity in and attached the faucet. We have carted this vanity around for 4 years now, I am soooo glad we bought it when we did because it looks perfect! We also caulked most of the shower, but then we ran out of caulk so that is why there is a blue tape border in the window :)Here's a better picture of the mirror and you can see the linen closet on the edge.
I stained the door to the lavatory and Lance dry fit it last night so it will probably get hung this week.
Here's a picture of the stencil border I did in the bathroom. It is about 14 inches from the ceiling.
That's all for now!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Grouting complete!

It's been a productive weekend starting Friday evening after work. Lance finished cutting all the travertine. Then we spent Saturday adhering the tile with thin set mortar.Here's Lance and I grouting. Lance spread it on and I cleaned it up. We made a good team but man was it a lot of work! Here's the finished product! We decided to dry fit the shower heads to make sure it all fit right. We tiled in the window so we could keep it for light, it is already privacy glass, and it turned out really good!
Here's a close up of the glass mosaic tile, love the pop of color!
My favorite and most recent addition to the bathroom is the mirror! My mom and I were shopping at Costco looking for a linen closet when we came upon this mirror. It is wood with a bronze crackle treatment on the frame. The fixtures in the bathroom are all bronze so this was a great find and it was the only one left! I wanted a big mirror and this one is 38" x 50" and it was only $70!! Lance had to move the light up a couple inches so it fit but I LOVE IT!!
Next we seal the travertine and grout and then we can move the vanity and other items in the room permanently!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Week 6 ... uuggghhh...

Here it is Tuesday night, Lance and I are working on the bathroom floor after working 8 hours at our "day job" I wonder what we will do in the evenings after work when our house is done.You'll notice the orange mesh with blue wires in it. That is so we will have the option of heating our travertine floor! It doesn't go in the shower of course but it does go from entry all the way back to the toilet.
My mom came over during the weekend and we painted, now I just need someone with a steady hand to make a straight edge between the wall and ceiling colors. After the wall color cures I plan to add some brown elements, stay tuned for details!
We still have a bit of tiling to do but we are definitely making progress. Then comes the grout... that will be a whole weekend with all that tile! It will be worth it though, I love the way it is turning out!