Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Main bathroom Remodel

So we pretty much had to gut the whole room and start over. We removed the sink and cabinet and the toilet and replaced it all! We also torn down all the old sheet rock walls and installed greenboard (sheetrock for bathrooms) and tile backerboard for the shower area.
The only way to get the tub into the bathroom was to cut a whole in our kitchen wall and slide it through... we then had to replace that whole wall because the texture would have been impossible to match without it looking "patched".
This is a pocket we put in the wall to inset the towel rack behind the door so the door does not hit it every time you open it.
Here's a finished look at our bathroom, it's small so it was hard to get a good picture. We finished this in September 2006.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Insta-Lawn - No more mud!!

In the Fall of 2006, Lance and I decided it was time to end the mud pit in our backyard, the dogs tracked in enough mud our first Winter to last us a lifetime!Abby is always at lance's side.
As per usual, our projects last late into the night.
Gabe is onsite to help more things along faster.
The final product!

A Backyard Water Feature

Just the beginning...Abby checking out the depth.
Abby again, spectating to make sure the underlayment is installed properly.
Yeah!! A Pond!! This is July 2005.
This is our pond in April of 2007.

Back breaking cobblestone

Here's the beginning of our cobblestone drive and walk way in the front of our house. This is June 2005.View from the front door looking towards the driveway. We just love maxing out the springs and shocks in trucks... do you know how much a pallet of those cobblestone weighs? Me either, but trust me... it was A LOT - riding on bump stops baby!!
Here's Lance diligently creating a straight line... at this point I was like "good enough"!
Morial the digger, lending a paw. Go Morial, Go!
Wow, look at how beautiful those curves are! Hmm, wonder whose idea those were...
Even though this was more work than I care to remember, I would do it again if I had to (only if I had to) because I absolutely love how it looks!

The deck of all decks!

Lance and Gabe scoping out the plan. A view of the pattern in the corners of the steps.
A view from the spa towards the garage and back door.
A view from the back door towards the spa.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bring on the 7' fence!

After a missing quad, up went a 7 foot fence to separate our back yard from the alley.
Gabe was on site to help Lance out.In this view you can see the pond and the skeleton of the fence.
Lance's red Chevy pickup is in the alley.
The guys are hard at work.
Ahhh, the finished product. Man that is a beautiful fence!

We're just getting started

The Garage!! AKA Lance's Shop!Here's a view from the alley approach. Lance built most if the garage himself at the beginning of 2006 with some help from my dad setting rafters and Gabe's advice on the electrical.
A more finished view from the alley.
And the cobblestone stamped concrete approach. Thanks to DJ Lyon!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Front Yard Makeover

It has grown in a lot since the summer of 2005!

Next on the very long list...

Some much needed demolition to open the galley kitchen into the dining room. My cousin Tim was here to help Lance with this step. Boys will be boys!
Current state of our kitchen, new floors are in. We did some super cool stamped, stained concrete. I am currentl repainting my kitchen cabinets to match the floor and wall colors.

Here's a photo of the floor, it's hard to see the dimension and full spectrum of color in a photo but I am in love with these floors!! And man am I glad they are done! Lance and I spent a weekend from 7pm Friday to 8pm Sunday working 12 hours straight both Saturday and Sunday prepping, pouring and stamping 425 sq ft of concrete.... whew, that makes me tired just thinking about it! Then Lance stained and sealed the floor the next weekend while I was gone at CKC in Portland with my mom!!! Lucked out there!

Bring on the renovations!

First things first... NEW SIDING!Ok, so I highly recommend getting a home inspection done prior to buying a home. We did and it revealed that the stucco was missing the vapor barrier and therefor was installed/applied improperly and needed to be replaced. Luckily we found out soon enough and it was included in the deal. And, I got to pick the colors of my new home!! This also gave us the opportunity to move exterior doors to better locations for our long-term plans for the home. It's hard to tell but the front door in this photo isn't there in the other photo of our front yard. There are two other doors, one to the left between the two windows and the other was just right and around the corner of the current front door. Confusing I know...

Home Sweet Home

Here's a look at our home when we bought it in August 2004.
This is our front room

and our kitchen

and our dining room

and our main bathroom

Here's our laundry room

Here's our back yard

and our front yard.

In the Beginning...

In the beginning my husband and I were looking for a home to call our own.