Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day Update

Visualize with me for a moment...
On the left, picture the toilet instead of a green towel. And on the right, picture the finished shower with glass doors.
And here is a Jacuzzi tub.
Here is the hard wood vanity with marble counters and a linen closet.
The day dreams keep me going as we start week 6 of this project. You will notice that we have lights installed and electricity, the sheet rock is mudded and taped and almost all the tiling is done in the shower - just need to finish the shelves, the window ledge and one small row along the top.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Shower Update!

From Friday evening through Sunday evening Lance and I were in here measuring, placing and setting our mammoth 18x18 travertine tiles. This time frame was only interrupted by rescuing my brother from being stuck in the snow. Yes, I said snow and he was stuck in it, even though it was 100 degrees this weekend! Gotta love him!Here is a view of the floor, not grouted yet but man it is pretty!!
This is the outside wall, the shower spouts will be on this side.
You can see the blank spot in the middle where the glass mosaic tiles will be.

That's all for now. Maybe next weekend we will have it done and grouted!! Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

It's starting to take shape...

Here's Lance cutting out the Jacuzzi tub surround. We finished building the supports. It's cool to see the space filling up and becoming defined areas versus empty space.
Here's the tile in the floor of the shower, we decided to cut our 18x18 travertine into 4x4 squares for the floor.
This is how we will do the edge.
So tomorrow we hope to get it set in mortar and then off to spend mother's day with our moms!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Custom Shower

Last Friday Lance and I decided to do tile instead of a custom concrete floor and shower. I found 18x18 Travertine on clearance at Home Depot for a screamin' deal so we decided that is what we would use. The only catch being that the Home Depot here in the valley did not have enough to complete our bathroom floor, shower and jacuzzi tub surround. In true Lance and Amber style we ended up driving to Corvallis to get what we needed. We left at about 5pm, arrived in Corvallis around 8:30 and arrived home about 1:30am. Did I mention we took my beamer and the total weight of the tile we needed was about 600 pounds?!
Ya well, it was worth it!
That was Saturday, Sunday we were pooped so luckily my dad came over to help Lance and my mom came over to help me run errands and stay sane! I was, well let's just say in a "mood"... nothing was going my way and did I mention I was REALLY TIRED LOL!!!
Here's my dad helping Lance with the first layer.
So custom size and layout for a shower = you "get to" pour your own basin and make sure it has the right layers and pitch so the water goes down the drain and doesn't puddle. Below is the first layer of mortar. Below that is metal lath and tar paper as a barrier and of course the wood base board.
Next layer is a rubber membrane. Once I found someone to help me find it at Lowes, the rest of this layer wasn't so hard. Lance did this tonight, it's Wednesday.
Here's Lance making sure the pitch is correct on our final layer which is also mortar.
We even got some of the backer board hung and hope to get to tile this weekend!
That's all for tonight, hopefully we'll make good progress this weekend and get a normal amount of sleep!