Monday, January 3, 2011

Gianna Room Update!

Beautiful new curtains from Grandma Joy! They are so pretty! The bottom has a scalloped detail and the top tabs each have a flower button!
Made this as CKC 4-5 years ago! 

There is a vinyl "Sweet Dreams" decal here, kinda hard to see...

Beautiful decoration from Laura Davis!

I cannot believe my sweet girl is almost 2 months old already!

Play Time!


Cristin Fransen said...

Super cute!! Who did the name? I love that. Was it your momma? The curtains are adorable! 2 months. Isn't it wild how fast it goes!! She is getting big and so cute!

Amber Longiotti said...

Laura, a scrapbooking friend, made the name decoration. It was all totally her design!